Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I know - I've been bad at posting lately. I have enjoyed looking at all of your blogs though. The camping trip was so fun and I've just been trying to catch up on crafts and whatever. We have been letterboxing since. We went to a lovely park in Plainfield - box was missing but the park was nice!!


lovely fountain

owls - so cute!!

Family statue

 We went and bought hiking shoes for the hike in New York - 12 hour hike!! It looks like we wont be taking that trip until next year because we are closing on a house soon....yep we finally got a bid on a house to go through!! We looked further away from where Scott works. Martinsville!! We have two houses we really like. So we put in a bid on one - they did a counter bid and we accepted!! Today is the inspection!! Here is the listing Durham or there is a video - kind of boring but it shows the house and some of the neighborhood. My house - I hope!!   The thing that I don't like about the video is they filmed it in February so there are no leaves on the trees - the area is beautiful!! I love the house!! Closing should be Oct 14th!! If this one doesn't work out there is a mansion from 1854 It is gorgeous but needs a ton of work. There is a great staircase but by the time Scott gets to the top the railing is at his knees - hilarious!! They made it into apartments - so we would have to take down some walls etc. Either way we are getting a house this year - in Martinsville!!New York is out this year but we were planning on going to VA in a few months for night boxing - with a new house though it may not work out.

I posted a picture of the doa squirrel on my facebook after my ranger friend got it. I ended up making four more!! I sent all but one of them to friends. The one I am keeping is going to have a stamp put in it and taken to letterboxing meets - funny!!

 Last weekend we went to Shapiro's for breakfast - they have fantastic bagels!! I got the lox platter

Scott got an omelet and potatoes - mine was far better than his!! I also got a coconut macaroon
toasted goodness
We went to Martinsville to look around - and then to Bloomington! We went in the cross stitch store there - poor Scott. It's a wonderful little shop called Fancy Works it is be 30 minutes from my new town! The website isn't up to date at all but the shop is!
We saw a movie (The Family - cute movie), ate dinner at Zydeco's - (yes, again) they are celebrating their 15th year so they had some items in the menu they had not served in a few years. It was so busy that we were there two hours - we didn't have to wait to be seated because we sat at the bar. They have boxes of trivia on the tables so we had Pirogue Bread  (french bread topped with sauteed craw fish in garlic butter sauce) drank our drinks ( Scott got a Bloody Mary and I got an iced tea with raspberry liquor in it - delicious!!) and asked each other questions - it was fun and well worth the wait!! On Sunday night we tried a pizza place - Rockstar Pizza it was really good!
So, like I said today is our inspection - can't wait to go out there!! Tomorrow I should have a finish to post. This weekend we are going boxing and hanging out at  Broad Ripple. We will try a new place off of DDD. I will try to be better at posting....
Hope you are having a good week!! 


  1. Keeping fingers crossed for you! The house is fabulous!!

  2. So happy to hear that you are getting a house(probably). I will keep my fingers crossed for you guys!

  3. I just looked at the pictures. I love the house!!!!Sure hope you get it!