Sunday, September 8, 2013

The ocean part 3

So, we left early Monday - we were sad to go. We went to Lowell MA - not too far from Groton and ate at 4 Sisters Owl Diner. Of course it was on DDD!!!

a real diner car !!

hash and eggs - beans weird

hash omelet
It was good - the people were great!! Really fun place - like diners in the movies!! From there we were headed to Half Moon beach in Gloucester but I am not sure that is where we ended up. No signs anywhere - just went to where there was water. I love the ocean - never been to this one before!

Beautiful!! The mist in this part of the country does not mean it's cool - nope. In Colorado fog means it is chilly out - not in Indiana or Massachusetts though!!
On the way out the road was lifted for boats to pass through - I had never seen such a thing!! WOW!! the white pole is a mast!!

On roadside America I saw there is a Bewitched statue in Salem - so off we went!!

and there it is!! Love Salem

cemetery in the middle of town in Salem

The actual witch trials took place in Danvers - it was Salem Village which explains why everyone thinks it's Salem. Anyway, everything there was closed on Monday as it was a holiday (odd for a tourist town to be closed on a day when people are off) We passed a stitching store I would have loved to have visited and we were suppose to eat at a DDD there - all closed! So we found another close by JT Farnhams they don't have a website so the link is their facebook page. There is no place to park at this restaurant. The road says no parking - people parked there anyway. The parking lot only holds, maybe 8 cars. We had to park a block or so away at a shopping center and hope we wouldn't get towed. There is only a sidewalk on one side. The food is worth it completely!!! Another cash only place.

seafood chowder

clams and rings, rings, lobster roll and fries
Uh my gawd the food was to die for!! Fresh seafood is amazing!! After this stop we headed for home. We stayed in PA overnight - Pennsylvania is gorgeous!! Every state we passed through on this trip was beautiful!! I love the lush green trees - but not the humidity yikes!!
We made it home with no problems. I've done nothing but laundry, groceries and trying to catch up.
I picked up Mo - he yowled all the way home and for about 30 minutes after. When I got my stuff ready to leave he got scared - like maybe he thought I was taking him and he got real slinky and headed to the bathroom to hide. Oh brother! This morning he got to come lay in my bed with me after Scott left - he feels better about things now. This cat is the greeter at the kennel - he checks all your bags  - cute.

As for stitching -  I was working on another virtue sheep but I got bored. So, what did I pick..... another sheep Chessie and Me - Buzzing Round You - cute huh! The french knots are taking FOREVER and I keep making knots in the thread  *grumble* Lots of specialty stitches!
not a finish- pulled of internet so you can see what I'm doing
Hope you all had a lovely long weekend. We had a wonderfu'm l time - worth all the sweat and bugs!!


  1. Your choice of eats is always good looking comfort food. Love the stone wall around the cemetery. You young folks sure do get around!

  2. You were in one of my favorite places, Salem. I just love New England! If it weren't for the long winter, we just might have retired there.