Thursday, September 19, 2013


Damn it - I meant to say something about Colorado in my last post.  The pictures on TV and Facebook have been so crazy - I think about it every day - could I remember to say something about it? Nope.
OMG Colorado - wth happened!!! We feel bad about not being there to help. I feel bad -  other than our families and friends being in Colorado still - my daughter in Longmont even - I am not there to help at the police station. I told them I would be leaving back when they were hiring people but even with that much notice a dispatcher is not so easily replaced. I feel bad that my absence made it harder on my ex co- workers. Oh no - I don't think I would have saved the day - nope - but I would have been an extra body to take on the burden. Another way to look at it is - boy I sure got out of there in time!! I know all my family, friends and co-workers are safe right now - but I still worry about them.
Speaking of water - our bedroom carpet is soaked. It has to be coming from another ground apartment because it was not raining yesterday. I am still waiting for management  to come take care of it. This morning we woke up to a crazy thunder and lightening storm.
The home we are trying to buy had it's inspection yesterday - went well - except the guy did not have the gas turned on so he has to pay for the inspector to come back out and check the gas items.  Only a few things we need addressed - have to wait until we get the report to decide what to ask for. I spent a few hours at the house yesterday - fun.
This morning I made it official -I went and got my license plates, driver's license and a library card!! I am a resident!!I was going to get my trail name (letterboxing name is Crewel) on my plates but they have suspended personalized plates - damn it!!
As promised I have a finish to show you.... 
Foxwood Crossings Cardinal Ornaments
 I bought them in Bloomington at Fancy Works or you can get them at Dixie Darlin. The chart has a symbol on it that is not on the legend - I emailed them about it and they said the filled in star is 930.They are 14x19 so they stitch up in no time at all - adorable!!
I tried to find some new magnet strips and couldn't so I bought these round ones at JoAnns - the small size is better than the strips!! Love using them. Now I am back to working on Chessie and Me "Buzzing Round Ewe"

I'm off to go make chicken and white bean enchiladas from Skinnytaste. I don't roll enchiladas - I cheat and lay them flat so it's like a casserole. Takes less time - tastes the same. Hope you all are safe and dry!!


  1. You mean it's like a hot dish. Ha!

  2. I have felt so bad for the people in Colorado. I can't imagine how you feel with friend and family out there!