Tuesday, November 5, 2013

before and after!!

 Finally!! The carpet is in!! WOOOO HOOOO They had me turn up the heat for stretching purposes and I am gunna die!! Ü
We were suppose to get carpet last week but the, forever vexing me, painting was not done. Scott and I painted all damn weekend. Monday came around and we were both sore and tired. It's not all the way done - still have the entry, stairs and fireplace room but the rooms with carpet are done (well almost - I managed to get paint on the ceiling and so it just needs touched up) Here we go...
dining room someday - office for now

well the phone makes the colors a little off -it is prettier than that - real warm

living room

living room

living room looking toward entry
we bought cast iron heating vents - see that pretty carpet

has that pretty bevel around the top of the room

after - down the hall from other side I guess - we did not remove the stairs ha!

before - down the hall

all the rooms are just white on before show I will just so after - guest room

craft room

Ryder's room
before - master closet

after - master closet

before - master bath

after - master bath
before master

after master
I think the craft room picture really shows the beauty of the brown and off white we chose - the rest of them are washed out. The brown and cream is the same through out the house. Also the carpet in the before was ugly - the new carpet is a lovely fleck - you can see it in the heater cover picture!! Stairs are not done - still need stripped and worked on. So we are still not done - but a little closer every post!!
looking down my street

the entry to the development

I have brown and grey squirrels in my yard - and the cutest chipmunk but I can't get him close enough for a good picture. They are running around gathering nuts!!
Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you have a great day.
PS A warm welcome to my newest follower - glad to have you!! 


  1. You guys have worked so hard but it really has paid off. Everything looks wonderful. I love that carpet. I bet you won't see anything on it! That is very good. Your paint colors look very warm and inviting. Plus, what a beautiful neighborhood.

  2. That's a LOT of painting. Repeat, a LOT of painting!!! Looks really nice.

  3. My arms are tired from just looking at all those walls!! Great job...it looks so cozy.

  4. What a gorgeous house! I am just awed by both the amount of paint you two have done as well as the gorgeous result...those rooms look professional...and did I read something about a craft room? wow!
    I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and leaving a sweet comment.

  5. I'm stunned! your house is gorgeous!
    I lvoe the colours you chose, and the outside stills are impressive! so many beautiful tones!
    squirrels and chipmucks.. aaawwww!!