Monday, November 11, 2013


Yep - we have ourselves an infestation.....of ladybugs!! I have never seen such a thing!! So I looked it up on the internet. It would seem that the insects are attracted to light-colored structures with southern, sunny exposures that are on a hillside in wooded areas.
There it is - on a hill, in the woods, light-colored and faces SE. One woman says she has to use a snow shovel to get them out - we don't have them that bad!! They are all over the outside and quite a few have found their way in. The windows in this house are the nifty ones that can open top or bottom. Not surprisingly, the other tenants did not take care of them and they are missing all the things that make them work right. So the top left (oddly enough - it's the same corner on all of the windows) droops and ladybugs can just waltz right in!! Scott fixed several of the windows yesterday. Until we can either make them work the way they are suppose to - or just replace all the windows - we have to just put a screw under the upper window to keep it from sliding down. They don't lay eggs or destroy anything so it's not a terrible thing but still. I guess there are ladybug houses you can get to try and lure them into that in the yard - may have to do that!
Scott and I think it's neat how the English name their houses - we have always wanted to. In the last house we could never come up with a name that suited the house. We raked leaves, drank some warm apple cider and came up with......
 I think it suits the house. Plus, I can say - in a snooty voice - when are you coming to Ravenwood? hee hee that's fun. I think we should all name our homes. I tried to get Scott to agree to Ladybug Manor haaa but I like Ravenwood better!

This weekend Scott got up on the roof and cleaned out the gutters - he said they were just packed with leaves!! We raked around the house. The yard is so big and the leaves are not done falling so we didn't do it all!
working hard

you can see where we raked

just the top of the driveway!!

 Saturday we finally got all our stuff out of the garage and into the house - into the appropriate rooms! I thought the headboard was heavy - the dresser was a monster!! Raking didn't make me as sore as I expected - either I wasn't working hard enough orrrr (and this is the one I would like to believe) three weeks of hard labor has paid off and I just can't be more sore! Ü We got to park both our cars in the garage YAY!! It's suppose to snow any day now so it was just in time!! We still have to unpack all these boxes.
This morning I had to take some time to cut my hair, bleach my teeth, tweeze, mani/pedi, tint my eyelashes - I was starting to resemble a mountain hermit!! As I get older - the amount of hairs on me....well, I think we are evolving INTO apes - not evolved from apes HAHA Ü  I am sure I am 5 lbs lighter.
I did get to do some stitching this weekend - took two hours to put the border on and 30 minutes to remove it. I had put the first row of stitches on backwards - grrr Who would have noticed if one set of stitches went a different direction? me.
Well, I guess I have a box or two to unpack - the sooner I get the dumb kitchen done the sooner I get to the craft room - YAY!!
Thanks for stopping by - hope you have an apple cidery day!! mmmm apple cider!! 


  1. I remember hearing about the lady bug infestation when we lived in Ky. Out here they are highly prized as aphid eaters!! You guys are making wonderful progress. I love the idea of naming a home. I can't think of one for this house. It was built on a field of Blackberries so I have thought of Blackberry Hill. Still not sure. I vote for Ravenwood! Very Cool!

  2. We get lots of lady bugs at A Stone's Throw in the spring and when we get a warm spell in the fall. We have a large apple orchard behind us. :) We almost named our place Caddy-whampus because we are across the street/ diagonally from a golf course...but we don't play golf.

  3. I like Ravenwood... Gotta nice sound to it.