Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fun things!!

So, as you know I have working on this house for months - ok just a month but it feels like months!! This week I was going to finish painting a room and work on that dang ol' banister. Well, I scraped away at the banister most of the day Tuesday and decided that I was done with that ( for now). I cleaned the house Monday - wow what a job! Who knew that could take all day? I figured I would be done in no time - wrong!! I was dusting my bedroom furniture with a toothbrush and I wondered where my life had gone awry Ü . I decided that since my craft room is mostly together, it was time for fun!! Here is what I have done...
I cut some felt and pinned the first 8 (well it's actually 16!!!). Getting them straight is a PAIN!!! I even ironed them - and measured and I am still sure half of them are crooked grrrrrr
 I put some ink on these two to make the sheep show up more but it's so dark in the craft room and I was being real careful not to over ink it that you really can't tell. I may have to do it again - in the kitchen so I can see. Got the idea from Marly at Samplers and Santas!
 Starting painting the box for Casting a Spell by Blackbird Designs Has anyone made this? Any idea what cut fabric to get so I can do them all? I'm so excited to make this - great finish idea!!
I posted this finish awhile ago - I finally stuffed it and sewed the buttons on - cute! 
I sewed the bee charms onto the bunnies  - I finished these back in July (I think) I bought the kit but then made 5 or 6 of them. the charms were a beast to locate - finally found them in Zionsville IN!! I had packed the bunnies - but found them and now they are done!!  
Orchard Valley Quilting Bee by Little House Needleworks
I am going to finish the thin brown border that is started there and then work on sheep. I need to sew them to the felt, sew the hearts to the backs

 and blanket stitch the pillows together. I have the next sheep here so I need to stitch it. Friday - after turkey day I should be able to order the next sheep. I am glad I made these - they are so cute. I am sorry that I made two sets and I won't be joining a year long series for a long time - if ever again. I think it really cut down on the amount of projects I got done. So now I have a basket full of  "to do" patterns.
Last night I made rolls - "fast and fluffy parmesan herb rolls" from Yammie's Noshery. Yammie has a cute blog with some delicious recipes - she even has gluten free recipes. The rolls were fast - easy and delicious!  Plus they make your kitchen smell heavenly!!
before baking

after baking - mmmm

Thanks for stopping by - hope you have a crafty day!!


  1. You deserved a nice crafty day!! All your projects look great. I know what you mean about the series things, Word Play has cut down on my time too! I only have a few left to do.

  2. You are on a roll! Great work lady, glad you got to work on some of your projects, crafty projects that is. :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I love all your beautiful pieces on felt. Beautiful work!