Friday, November 15, 2013

Craft room!

Howdy folks,
I have been unpacking. I finally got the kitchen done - unless another box appears. I worked on the craft room. Here it is before...
 and in between....

one side

other side
I say in between because this isn't a real "after" picture because the walls are bare. See the boxes under the table - all decorations. Problem is - I need Scott to help me. He has the Martha Stewart touch! When I decorate - everything is mismatched and crooked. He just has the knack for putting stuff together. Which means it waits until he has time boooo!!! He is gone about 12 hours a day. On the weekends we have been painting and moving. This weekend he has towel racks to put up and stuff that is more important than a craft room (or so some people think HA) The pictures I take just don't do the wall color justice!!
Next week after I clean the house I think I will start working on the banisters again. I need to get the paint off of it.
 Then I will finish painting the fireplace room. Then there is the wood floor in the fireplace room - they sprayed the walls and so there is paint all over the floor along the wall. I told Scott it would be easier with two people but he has to work so I will manage it. Unless, of course, if I get a stupid job. I was looking at the state website for jobs - mostly to see what kinds of things I could apply for next year (and partly because the house repairs cost more than we had planned on and more money would be - well it's always good. Plus, state jobs have insurance) There was one job that sort of fits my experience - interviewing offenders, taking fingerprints and mug shots and entering them in some state data base. I can do that. It's a third of what I was making in Colorado but it's Indiana and it's days - no weekends or holidays. State police dispatch only makes $5 more an hour - it's night and weekends. I hadn't wanted to start work until next year - but will this job be available then? I will never get any projects done at this rate.
Remember that apple cake I made - and I over-bought on apples? I made another one - lordy that is a good cake!! Mom's Fresh Apple Cake  - so good!! I had made a lighter version of pumpkin cream cheese bread - don't do it people!! It was real rubbery - because of the amount of eggs in it.I still have one of those in the freezer - I hope the kids like it when they are here in December!! Last night I made "no bean turkey and sweet potato chili" from Skinny Taste. We hadn't had it before. I'm not a fan of ground turkey so I used organic low fat beef. I really liked it - Scott said it was "different"  he took it for lunch - so I guess it's not a bad different!! I served it with light sour cream and cheese - mmm! I liked it!
WOW I just looked outside and saw a male and female Cardinal - it's the first time I've seen them at this house. There are so many different birds here - I may need a bird book!!
I'm off to run into town - I'm going to go get a library card, file some tax thing that is exclusive to this state in regards to buying a house (or blah blah blah as I heard it ha ha) then I need some groceries.
Have a good weekend folks - thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ooo, liking what I see in the craft room. Is that wool on the shelves? ;) Ravenwood is coming along nicely! Hope you find a job that fits your needs; sounds very interesting.

  2. I tried to comment earlier but it went away! Thanks for letting me stalk your life! It is so entertaining. I miss you lady!

  3. I actually think your craft room looks good! It took me years to get mine together!