Monday, November 18, 2013

Stormy weather....

Good morning folks!
Wow those storms were scary!! We had the TV on all day - watching them move toward us. We got lucky though and they split - going to the North and South of us - just barely!! We had one small section go right over so we did get some high wind and rain but no tornadoes.  I feel awful for the towns that got hit! So scary!! I can say - again - that with the troubles we had with this house to start I am glad to say that in a storm - this place is sturdy!! The wind doesn't whistle at the windows or doors! You can hardly hear the storm raging outside!
This weekend we unpacked a bunch of stuff - place is starting to look like a home. Scott touched up my ceiling smudges - looks fabulous!! Whole upstairs painting is done!! He also edged the entry - in a few days it can be taped and I can finish that paint job!! I can't wait for him to hang some pictures!! So exciting to see it finally coming together. Today I am cleaning and then I am taking the afternoon off - and stitching!! Scott will be home later because he has a big meeting - owners coming in from Canada and US GM coming up from North Carolina for a staff meeting - and dinner.
Speaking of dinner - the other night I made Thai Chicken Coconut Soup - a recipe I got from Sunset magazine. It is wonderful!! I did have some trouble though - this town is not a culinary hot spot so I could not get actual lemongrass stalks or chili paste. I used ....
instead of chili paste - added by the person eating it so it wouldn't be too spicy

this was the only way I could buy the lemongrass

I buy the ginger in the tube and keep it in the freezer - only needs to set out on counter for a few minutes to be able to use it and it lasts until you've used the last bit! Recipe calls for you to put chunks of each in so I used about a tablespoon of the lemongrass and a little less of the ginger. I added jasmine rice - since I was using it as a meal. Usually I  pay close attention to a recipe's fat content - I must have lost my mind - I used the regular canned coconut milk. It was delicious but much more fat than it needed to be - light coconut milk would have been fine. I also used chicken thighs - also more fat than breasts - so I could have done better on the fat content. I regret nothing!!  Maybe next week we will have it again with it lightened up - and I will see if it is still delicious. As for cooking with fish sauce - yes it stinks and yes it is very fishy but it is NOT either of those things when added to a recipe. I was wary of it when I first had to use it, but I gave it a try and I don't have an issue with it !!
I joined a blog called "Little House Needleworks Showcase and Stitch Along Place"  wow that's a mouthful! This weekend they had a WIP stitch weekend and then people are to post what they accomplished.

Of course I didn't get to work on it much with all the housework we did but there it is. That scalloped border makes me crazy. I ran out of 3777 Walmart does have some DMC but not that number - I looked at two stores!! Luckily we went to Hobby Lobby  - then it dawned on me.... I live at least 30 - 40 minutes from a craft store - WHAT!!!!???? House goes on the market tomorrow - HA!! 
I had to run into Martinsville last week to file that tax thing I blogged about.... this little town sure is cute!!

post office - still has the old boxes!

decorated for Christmas!
Well, I guess I better get to cleaning so I can listen to a book and stitch - and drink tea!! Oh that sounds lovely!! Hope you all have a crazy-weather-free day!!


  1. Glad to hear you weathered the storm well!!! Yum...looks perfect for a blustery day.

  2. I am so glad you were spared. My DH has family in that poor little town in Illinois, Washington. They are safe and their home ok but many of their friends have lost everything. I don't miss tornadoes!! We had the warnings in KY but not out here!