Saturday, November 29, 2014

a passel of projects

We got a ton of stuff done this weekend!! First let me say welcome to my new followers!! I have TWENTY followers!!! Wowzers - I feel pretty popular!!
Also, I hope you all had a lovely turkey day. Scott and I hung out at home - we made a chicken and all the goodies that go with it. Sat in front of the fire watching TV and flakes fell from the heavens - but not enough to shovel which made it perfect!!
Scott got some framing done...
finished 2012 Mosey N Me

finished 2013 Lizzie*Kate

finished 2012 Little House Needleworks

hard at work in the workshop
 The frame on the first picture came from an estate sale - the third frame Scott built - he started building it when we lived in Colorado!!
So I have to give lots of thanks to other blogs. The first thanks is to The Inspired Stitcher on her 2013 finishes she has a necklace using the Queen Bee mini card by Prairie Schooler - and I thought ohhhh that's what I can do with that pattern - I've had it for years and always wondered what I should do with it!! Scott and I found a really neat "watch" to put it in at Hobby Lobby


I think it turned out lovely!! When I posted it on my blog - Meari from Meari's Musings sent me a link to another blog - which I had commented on when it was originally posted and then forgot that I loved it (silly me) So thanks to Meari for pointing out the absolutely adorable time piece that Mouse from Tales of a Stitching Mouse made I took her idea almost exactly (thanks Mouse!!) except I added a heart and I made one in blue. It's stitched one over one on 40 ct country mocha Newcastle - which I love!! Look how tiny the stitches are....

I finished the small quilt I was making - (thanks Jessica - the outer border quilting idea was perfect - I added another set of hills - maybe made them too small but what are ya gonna do now? lol)

You can't really see the quilting as I had hoped - but there is the front, close up, back and it hanging on the hanger we got last month!
I made a little table runner - we had seen one in Ohio with a lace edge - they wanted too much for it - I spent $4 on crocheted ribbon and used some fabric I already had - I have half the ribbon left so I can make another!! I might tea dye it - maybe.

 I had posted the Harvest Keeper finish already - I left off one hive - Meari suggested more bees - brilliant!! I added just one more bee - maybe another one would fit but I love the additional bee (thanks Meari!!)
put on a box

still needs touch-up paint
Scott made oatmeal peanut butter scotchies mmmmmmm

I got goodies in the mail....
snowflake needle keep

That's a lot of finished up projects - I'm proud of us!! I have most of my Christmas shopping done - have to since everybody lives far away!! We may decorate tomorrow - we'll see how it goes!! Hope you are having a jolly holiday season and thanks for stopping by!!! HO HO HO



  1. I am totally impressed with all the projects you got finished. Your framed pieces look great! Good job to both of you. Plus I love that little quilt-the frame did turn out just right! What a pretty sunset(?) picture!

  2. The framing looks great.
    Love that fob, now I need to go to Hobby Lobby!
    Did he find it in the jewelry making dept?
    The Bee fits in there perfectly!
    The box is pretty, and love your new RP project.

  3. Lots of great finishes! I love the frames and the watch and the box too! Meari is always so full of inspiration and knowledge! How great that you have you shopping done.

  4. Fantastic framing!!! Love the little box with the bees... so so sweet :)

  5. ooooooooooooooo I am faamouse they are super cute and love the blue version too :) love the wee bee and the box and your sunset is gorgeous :) love mouse xxxxxx

  6. Wow! I'm just a whopping source of information for you, aren't I? LOL Your projects turned out beautifully. Tell Scott that his workshop has got to be the cleanest I've ever seen. Even mine isn't that tidy!