Saturday, November 22, 2014

Scott is so clever!

That man is good at fixing stuff up!! We found this medicine cabinet at an antique store in Greencastle. It was homemade - had too much varnish on it so it was thick and yellow. I thought I took a picture but I did not!! We only paid $20 for it!! Scott painted it and put chicken wire in - all the rage right now!! Hardly cost us anything and it's so darn cute!!!
Perfect for the little bathroom!!
 I had to take a close shot because the darn light - too dark to take it with the light off grrr. Scott also got those little  mason jars - he says maybe we should put two cotton balls in there in case you have a cotton ball emergency - silly!

 We bought this little quilt hanger - good deal of course - $15! Scott stained it.
darn you can't really tell a difference in the picture but it looks darker. I think the little quilt I am currently working on will be perfect for it....
I forgot to show you this crazy acorn squash I bought and the orchard!! I love squash!!
A few months ago we went to Kelley's Island - we bought some Ohio wine
it was super sweet - tasted like apples! My face swelled up and turned red - sexy right? Guess I won't be drinking that wine again. Scott bought some wine on a business trip to Ohio.

The one on the right - despite it's cute label - too sweet. Like grape juice and vodka yuck! The one on the left is delightful!! Sweet and crisp!
In the last few weeks we had a fire alarm that would chirp - not often enough to to figure out which one. How silly it is to try and figure it out. This week it finally chirped often enough that could stand in each room waiting to see what chirped - turns out it was in the basement! Scott took it down to see if that was the one - never made another noise. Replaced the battery anyway and it isn't chirping. It's crazy all the things that can chirp in your house!
I am baking cardemom braids - our traditional breakfast bread on Thanksgiving - to send to my kids and one for us. I love cardemom - so delicious! It made me realize my blog is almost 2 years old!  Time sure flys by!
I hope you have a nice turkey day - gobble gobble!


  1. That Scott is one clever dude!! I love the little medicine chest. That quilt you are working on is very pretty. It will look great on the new quilt hanger. I hope you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. You show such interesting finds in your shopping travels. :) Pretty quilt.

  3. P.S. Have a great Thanksgiving.