Monday, November 17, 2014

leaf me alone - wood ya!!

Holy cow…. The weekend is already over and I can hardly move!! We raked and used the leaf blower all day Saturday – allllll day!! 

Raking, bagging and then crushing the bags with my knees to get more leaves in – my whole body aches. Scott carried that blower around all day – after about 10 minutes it seems to weigh a ton so he is in the same sore boat!! It was cold out too … 38… and even with all the work my little digits were froze!! We had to stop halfway through and have a cheese and cracker counter picnic!! Brie with fig jelly, green chili cheddar, peppadew Havarti – mmmmmm. My new favorite thing is a cracker with some walnuts and honey on it – delicious!! 
Anyway, I’m glad the raking done – and that was the last time this year we will be doing it!! A deer went running by the back yard while we were out there – I didn’t get a picture because I sure didn’t expect it!! After we got it done we had to run to Bloomington to do some errands – plus go to the craft store!!  We went to dinner at Scotty’s Brewhouse – nothing like burning 1000 calories and then eating 2000 calories! I got a crazy burger called The Shrewman – it has bacon, cheddar, jalapenos and peanut butter – yep you read that right! It was really good – the peanut butter does not make or break it though. It would have been just as good without it. I had their homemade chips –not as good as I wanted them to be. I didn’t take any pictures – darn it!! They have Sprechers Root Beer on tap – my absolute favorite root beer!! Only place you can buy it here – other than restaurants - is a store called Menards. The cream soda is pretty good too!! Scott got the Philly Burger – mushrooms, onions and Swiss. Scott also had Two Lucys Blackberry Wheat beer, a local brew. He liked it. We took a piece of peanut butter pie home to share – it’s so rich that one slice is enough for two. Here is a link to the recipe I use (same thing) – delicious!!  Peanut Butter Pie.
Sunday morning we had 3 ricks delivered – that is a stack of wood 4 feet high by 2 feet wide by 8 feet long not 3 guys named Rick – I didn’t know any of that information until this weekend. They dumped it in the drive and we had to stack it. That is a lot of wood – more sore!! 

Scott had cut some trees off the property but not enough for the winter and they are all wet even though we had covered them. 
We also filled this box in the garage with wood – so it can dry out before coming in the house!!
 The best part of that was when Scott built a lovely fire and just a few hours after we finished out outdoor chores – it started to snow!!
 I finally got to spend a few hours stitching, with my cat and some tea – ahhhh cozy.
 I got a new issue of Cross Stitch and Needlework (January 2015 already!!). There is a new pattern by Barbara Ana. It started in the September 2014 issue and I didn’t think I liked it very much, but this issue has the whole picture and I just love it!! 
So I tea-dyed a piece of fabric for it – machine-stitched the edge and I am ready. 
Oh wait, I have to finish the things I’m working on grrrr. Not enough time!!  
Scott framed a picture this weekend – Victoria Sampler Pumpkin Farm. I finished it in 2012. I changed all the non-variegated threads to DMC.  
Scott found the frame in Colorado at a thrift store for $1.25. He had to cut it down – re-paint it and distress it. It looks marvelous!! He does such a good job on my pictures!!
Being sore and the snow made getting up to go to the gym this morning a real treat – NOT!! I need a weekend of stitching and bon bons!! I hope you had a restful weekend – thanks for stopping by!


  1. After all that raking you deserve a week-end of stitching and bon-bons! My DH will make frames but he refuses to learn how to distress-guess I'll have to do that part. That will be a very pretty holiday design.What's another WIP?!

  2. Wow you weren't leafing around!! The yard looks great all cleaned up and just in time for the pretty snow. :) terrific job on the framing Scott! Way to reuse. Oh doesn't it look cozy by the fire. Hope you get a stitchy day soon.

  3. WOW! We have many leaves to rake at our house am sure I will be sore afterward. I also have spirea to prune. I totally understand burning 1,000 calories and consuming 2,000! And then the stacking of the wood!

    Great job on the framing--your piece is beautiful. With all the outside work I think you have earned some time in the stitch chair complete with a bon bon

  4. So much hard work but it now look absolutely wonderful!!! Your home is a dream ;) Enjoy that well deserved stitching!!

  5. Thank goodness you finished before the snow. We got hammered with it and have some leaves under it but not many. I wish you hadn't mentioned peanut butter pie.

  6. I've just found your blog though I see we have some of the same blogging friends. We didn't have as many leaves as you, but I can definitely know about firewood since we heat our home with a woodstove. Your stitching looks great and Scott did an awesome job with the framing.

  7. Hope you've recovered from all of the raking.
    The food all sounds delicious!
    Love, love, love VS Pumpkin Farm.
    The frame looks great too.