Sunday, November 9, 2014

stitchy stuff

  I have a finish – yes, I left off one of the hives.
 I just didn’t like the third one – too crowded and the pattern of the hive too crazy. I had so much trouble with this pattern – frog on my back haha. You can’t go an inch without an error – I don’t know why I had so much trouble but it sure drove me crazy!!  It will be awhile before I can finish it – of course I will show it when it’s done!  I also made the Prairie Schooler mini card freebie – I will be making it into a necklace - I found a great "time piece" to use!! 

 I am back to Renato Parolin’s Noel – I believe I mentioned how big they are!! Here is mine so far...
the N is done - I work on the O at work and the E at home!
Ugh the wrinkles are awful!! After doing the witch on 40 count – over two and the bees on 28 count  - over one,  these stitches are HUGE!! I feel like I am doing beginner stitching! I wish I had used a smaller count. I have one done, one almost done and one I have started the border on (there are 4) so I won’t be starting over. Renato Parolin just came out with some new patterns Bush Mountain carries them – I ordered Anterselva di Mezzo
Anterselva di Mezzo
picture off the internet!!!
                                                         LOVE IT – can’t wait to get it in!!
That's all the stitchy news for now- hope you find a Renato Parolin to stitch!! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Hello

    Lovely stitching and gorgeous kitty!
    Have a good week (:

  2. Love that piece you finished(minus one hive). How pretty that winter scene will be.

  3. Congrats on your finish. What about putting a couple of bees where the hive was supposed to be?

    Are you putting the mini finish into a Tim Holt Watch Fob? I bought one and am thinking about what to stitch to put in it.

    Love the new chart you ordered.

  4. Cute finish.
    The RP will be pretty.
    Love the snow scene.
    He has some great designs.
    I like your chart prop. lol

  5. What lovely stitching, a beautiful finish!!