Thursday, November 13, 2014

more furniture?

We have been hanging out at home the last few weekends – I think we got burnt out with all our running around!!  We should run around while we still can – if this winter is like last winter we will be staying home a lot this winter!! We did go into town to Traderbakers – one of our favorite places to wander through. People have booths and sell trash or treasures. Sometimes we find a great deal – sometimes we find nothing!! We got this fabulous antique table for a steal!!
I had to have this sled – I have no idea what I am going to do with it.
This table - too cute!!
 Then I had to have this dresser thing – it’s small and didn’t cost much but I felt a little bad stealing it for the craft room.
 These pictures are in a circle – overlapping a bit so you see the whole room

 My thread boxes don’t fit but my specialty threads – beads and fabric do!! I love it!!
I also found this lovely Santa nesting doll! I love that place – I really love finding a great deal on something I just HAVE to have!!
We did manage to make it to Indy and eat at....
The Rathskeller


Don Quixote

so delicious!! the mustard will melt your brain

Jaegerschnitzel with creamed spinach and potato cake

Mixed Wurst Platte with spätzle and potato cake
We also tried the stuffed mushrooms - very tasty and the serve dinner with a salad - also good! It was expensive but very good!! We took half home of course - tons of food!!
Looks like Scott and I will be alone for the holidays this year. It’s so expensive to fly the kids here and they certainly can’t afford to get here – neither one of them has worked for more than a month or two the whole damn year (grrrr) We are both still sad about it – but we are not going to let it bring down the holidays!! I think we are staying home and making a chicken for Thanksgiving – mmmm – I will stitch and we will watch movies. It will be fun!!  
Hope you are getting ready for the holidays with loved ones - thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow! You certainly found some lovely pieces! I love that side table and the chest thingy for your craft!! Don't get me started on your craft room!!! ... I'm so jealous :)
    Love the little Santa dolls, they are just perfect :)
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. We don't celebrate this in the UK & France (I'm French, living in UK) but I think we should. It the perfect excuse for a nice meal and family time.

  2. Love your furniture finds, especially the black dresser you stole for your craft room. :) The food looks scrumptious. We have a Rathskeller here and the food is yummy.

  3. ohhh my... scrummies from start to finish ... love your craft room ... one day mine will look as good and mmmmm foood :) love mouse xxxxx

  4. I love the craft room! What a good addition that chest makes. Love all the things you found at that shop. We don't have many shops like that out here. Life is kind of funny. The other day my DH and I were thinking about some of our best holidays. It was strange that most of them were ones that we spent alone, just the two of us!

  5. Your craft room is very nice! I love the pieces that you found!

  6. You found some great treasures!
    Love the chest and sofa table.
    Great craft room.
    The food looks delicious too.