Thursday, November 6, 2014

It’s November already?

Where does the time go?
 We have been drowning in leaves! Scott bought a blower and he has cleared the lawn several times – needs to be done again. Honestly – we have a TON of leaves!
Scott has done leaves twice this year because last year we didn't get it done before the snow (sorry Marly Ü) fell - and fell and fell!!
 On Halloween we went to dinner instead of staying home and handing out candy  – a new restaurant in Greenwood Indiana called Revery. The food wasn’t bad – a little expensive – and the portions small enough that we had room for dessert. They bring you flavored popcorn while you look at the menu and cotton candy that they make there – with you bill. Ours was grape – fun! 
homemade ricotta with blackberry jam

chicken with a mushroom and cheese crepe

steak with blue butter and fries

lemoncello cake

jar cake

grape cotton candy
When we got home – just beyond our drive a tree had fallen across the road and some of our neighbors were there trying to get by. So, on Halloween it was snowing (sorry Marly) and blowing – and Scott was out there with a chainsaw cutting up the tree – perfect end to Halloween!!  It was so cold that weekend that we started a fire – cozy! We had to replace a piece of glass on the fire insert and Scott thinks the oven is a coal burning oven. We might have to try burning some coal.
We went to the apple orchard in Mooresville – Anderson Orchard. I love that place!! We got to pick raspberries – it was like $3 a pound and I didn’t even get a pound – they probably should have weighed me before I went out there though Ü.

raspberry field

Scott’s grandfather had an orchard in New Mexico that had Winesap apples – he hasn’t had one that tasted like those apples in 30 years – we found some called Stayman Winesap. We bought a bag of them and Scott sent some to his parents. He also bought some gourds for our table – pretty!!We even had apple cider slushies!!
Hope you are enjoying the Fall - thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Snow on Halloween? Ugh. We supposedly had the warmest Halloween in 12 years for our area. I bought a leaf blower/mulcher/vacuum this year and after I got it home, I realized it was an older model with a plastic blade. I took it back and will order the newer model online or wait until next year. Maybe Home Depot will have the newer models.

  2. Mmm, that grape Cotton Candy looks good. :)
    The last pic is gorgeous!

  3. You apologized but you mentioned it again! I know, you can't help it. We had a few fluffs this morning too. Still loaded with leaves here and a soggy swamp for a yard. Do you have a deer crossing sign at your driveway or were they trick- or-treating?

  4. We had a big day with leaves too. Hurricane force gusts yesterday brought down tons!!!! That food looked yummy and how I love an apple orchard. We live out here in apple land and I have a horrible time getting my favorite Macintosh apples. Our store has probably 10 varieties but no Macs!!