Monday, January 7, 2013

Hellish crafts

YAY for me- I finished aknitted project from a pattern!!! I got it from Ravelry and it's called  -  wishy washy fishy tawashi I actally made two but this is each side of the same one! 

They are double sided. I was only going to make one side but hiding the threads was daunting and looked like ick so I did both sides!  I used a varigated Lily Sugar n' Cream  - Country stripes and white. Fun! I tried another kind of dishcloth but I can't figure out the yarn over so it will have to wait. 
Tonight is my first night shift. It sucks. I stayed up all night Sunday night but was only able to sleep a few hours. That made me very grumpy. I tried to talk myself into going back to sleep - if you have done that you know it doesn't work. So I have to try to stay awake all night ugh! 8pm to 6am . Two of my co-workers who are switching from days to nights also had a hard time sleeping so we are all in the same ugly tired boat!  
a quilt and four chair backs sucked to the size of a notebook!
For Christmas my step-dad Brian gave me vacuum bags. Scott sucked (with the vacuum - geez) all my quilts - pretty cool huh! While he was doing that he found a spring quilt I had made years ago in Alaska. I had him hang the quilt and two of the chair backs in the laundry room (his idea) and I put the other two chair backs in my craft room - so cute! 

 That is all folks - hope you have a good long sleep! 

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