Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well, I made it through my first week of nights. I usually work 4 days and I only had to work 3. Exhausting!! Sunday I stayed up all night but could only sleep 5 hours, next day only slept 6 hours then I finally got 7 hours of sleep and it was time for my weekend!  My shift is 8pm to 6 am.

Mo likes napping

Mo is glad I am home!

I finished a dishcloth. Funny that the fish look so much better that the damn square - I tore this thing out ten times at least ugh!! 

Friday Scott and I went to the Hobbit - hated it! They shot it in 3d imax and some high resolution film. In my opinion ..... it looked like people dressed in costume running around. The LOTR looked real - the hobbits look real - dwarves - elves. Not in this movie. We were very disappointed. We love movie night and it sucks when the movie sucks! We need another movie night! 
Saturday I got a new car!!! We leased a 2013 Kia Sorento and I love it!! 22 mpg city! Plus they gave us basketball tickets - cool!
 I had my Dodge for 11 years - drove it to Alaska and back. Recently it had no heat, smelled of antifreeze - bad and was starting to leak transmission fluid. I hated to see my Dodge go but it only got 13.5 mpg which really sucks! I think I really like the Kia!! I think if I had the Dodge another month I would have had to have some major work done on it and with that mpg it just wasn't worth it!  
We have been watching Downton Abbey OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show! I wish I could watch it all the time! Actually I'd love to go have tea but that is just silly! We ordered the uncut English version - guess they dumbed it down for us Americans - can't wait to see it!  
Friday we are going to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Museum  - very exciting! We may end up at a basketball game! We are also planning on eating at Biker Jim's - we've never eaten there but I've heard good things. That is if I make it through another weeks of nights.  
I think I am having hot flashes. I am always blazing hot but my feet will be cold. It's ridiclous! Scott had the heater at 45 at one point this weekend because I was going to die. I heard him say to Ryder - "Mom is leaving for work so we can turn on the heat" poor guys! I think Mo is most affected.
Scott is pulling his leg but the heater is on so he is ignoring Scott completly - poor frozen kitty! I hope it goes quick or in the summer I might just fall over of heat exhaustion! 
That is all - hope you all have a warm happy week! 


  1. Are my husband and I the only two people that have never seen Downtown Abbey? No. Wait. My cousin hasn't either.

    1. HA!! I know it is very popular - and with good reason! It's wonderful!