Sunday, January 27, 2013


Howdy folks,
Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was just ok. I had a bump removed from my lip on my first day off. I slept all of three hours and then went to this appointment. I was a bit of a zombie - ugh. Here are some things you should know - you may already know these things but don't just think about it.... shots in your lip hurt, cauterizing is disgusting, having a bump removed hurts a ton more than having a big ol' mole removed off your back. The fun part was - there was a blood vessel under the bump and it sprayed the doctors face mask like a horror flick. I didn't see it happen because they had my face covered - weird, but I saw it after they took the thing off my face. The not fun part was I bled like a stuck pig and they ended up having to cauterize it - ewwwww!  Anyway I got three stitches and it was swollen for days! I get the stitches out on Thursday.
wanna shmooch?
Taylor came over for dinner Friday night. We had California grilled chicken with mango and avocado salad which is one of my favorites. The next day she brought me Mango Coconut Chia Pudding which she made with strawberries - fabulous!! 
Scott says my phone adds green to everything - this is tastier than it looks.

She also brought me Boba - to make boba tea sometimes called bubble tea I love this stuff. I first had it at the Chinese New Year celebration.  It doesn't add flavor to the tea - some of them are green tea or anise flavored when eaten alone. It's just fun and you have to use a huge straw to get the tapioca balls out of the bottom - love it! My mom gags if you try to give her this tea. Ryder and Scott will pass on it every time - boring! 
boba tea


I finished another dishrag - can I make a straight square? Doesn't look like it! I will still use the crooked thing but COME ON!!! I followed the instructions - grrr! 

We really didn't do much - watched some tv, chores - nothing too exciting. I did make a new recipe - baked spaghetti squash and cheese from Skinny taste - and wow it is fabulous!! I love it!!
 We ate breakfast at Luciles - the omelet is smack your grandma fantastic with white cheddar, muenster and ricotta cheese - I get it with shaved ham - mmmm plus the biscuits are yell at the neighbors delicious!!  
Scott posted about 50 cross stitch patterns on ebay if you are interested stb90125 - there is the link. 
I think that is all - stay tuned though - this week there will be a give away, new rules for gift giving and a recipe that got deleted!! 
Have a wonderful week folks!! 

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