Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a half a finish

I finished the stitching on the Pin Wheel Kit for The Purple Thread that I mentioned in a post or two ago. It's also small but I didn't put a quarter near it Ha!
Once you get 4 rows from the end you fold them together and stitch through the two layers - joining the ends. Wow that was a challenge.
I'm not sure if I did it right since there is an obvious line there. Of course I made a stitching error that I didn't notice until I had considered it done - so I had to take three rows out and restitch it! I can't finish it all the way. My supplies are packed is the main reason. I could go buy some fiber fill to finish it but..... this apartment smells so much like a wet full ashtray that when you leave - YOU smell like you've been smoking. I am keeping all my threads (except the ones I'm currently using) fabric and patterns in a basket in my car. I used vinegar water and mopped the walls and the floors. I sprayed unscented Febreeze on everything - window trim, doors, walls, floors - everything!! I thought Scott was crazy when he called it "the ashtray" but the fist time he came to visit me - I had to wash everything in his luggage. He brought pillows the first time - they seriously smell like someone was smoking in a closed room with the pillows. It's a monster. The apartment has new paint, carpets and cabinet doors. He complained to the management and they came and deodorized the new carpet - brilliant! I hope to be out of here soon!
Speaking of out of here.... the people buying out house - loan fell through. GRRRR They still want to try to get the house so they are trying for a new loan - last chance. If this one falls through it goes back on the market. It was suppose to close July 26 - how irritating. I'm sure they are frustrated as well since they put their kids in the local school but don't live locally!
Now back to Simplicity sheep - I just got Patience sheep and have Courage sheep to do. I will be caught up then - wont finish them until later though. That gives me more time to see how other people finish them. I did mine on 28 count so they are a little bigger. 
That's it for now - tomorrow I will have some more diner pictures - yep... more!!
Have a good day!

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  1. You have my sincere sympathy! I can't stand the smell of old or even new smoke!! By the way, just google Brown County Indiana and you will get a great picture of the area. We went up there almost every fall-just beautiful. We loved the little back roads.