Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fun weekend

Hello -
I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I sure did!! Friday I went to a stitching shop!!! My friend Joanie found it and got me a gift card there - before I moved here!!

It's a lovely shop - they have cross stitch and also painted canvas supplies. Four rooms worth - nice!! I didn't buy anything this time because I have those darn sheep to finish but I will be back!!
Friday night we ate at Zydeco's - wonderful Cajun food in Mooresville IN. My favorite thing is the appetizer BBQ Shrimps Boutte - o..m..g fantastic!! Next time I am ordering it for my meal!!  We drank hurricanes - category 5!! It was a fabulous evening!! There is a site that lists the diners by state if you want to see if there are any in your town. It's fun to go and most of them are worth it!! Flavortown - there is the link.

a few months ago Scott and I painted shells for this wall. It's not done yet and you can still go paint shells!!

3-d - cool!!

Jolie Blonde pasta - rotini pasta, tasso "alphreadeaux" with crawfish tails

Barrone Street Shrimp  - spicy shrimp, red potatoes in a spicy sweet red sauce.

Scott got the Barrone shrimp - I didn't like it but my dish was creamy and fantastic!! Love this place!!
We drove around and looked at some houses. We saw a few fireflies - love love love those!!  
Saturday we had some errands to run - got those out of the way. We went to Midland Antique Mall Scott went there before I got here and saw a hotel mail sorter that he really wanted - it was gone, he was sad. I told him once we find our house we can go pick out stuff that will go perfectly in each room! Ohhh fun!!
We ate lunch at Shapiro's  We shared a Reuben, mac and cheese and a potato pancake - fabulous food. We got some bagels for Sunday morning. Boy, those were good. They make really good food!
Sunday we spend the day at Crown Hill Cemetery - this place is in the tourist guide - take a picnic and go to Crown Hill - I'm serious!
  • 555 Acres
  • It is estimated that 82% of those who lived in Indianapolis prior to 1825, and who stayed here, are now buried at Crown Hill.
  • Crown Hill is the third largest (non-government) cemetery in the United States.
  • 1,200 to 1,500 burials are made at Crown Hill each year, with over 200,000 total.
  • Crown Hill contains 25 miles of paved roads.
  • Crown Hill is the only Indiana cemetery with a U.S. President, three Vice Presidents, and four unsuccessful VP candidates.
  • The cemetery was listed on The National Register of Historic Places in 1973.
 They failed to mention the mosquitoes.... yikes. I look like I got a pox!

more powerful than death is love


names of Public Safety people who have lost their lives

more names - all the way around the monument!

and President

We left for lunch - to a DDD!! Steer- In Restaurant

meatball sandwich

Hoosier tenderloin - breaded

The food was really good here!! Scott got a shirt - he always does but this one has the "guy-feeti" (like graffiti) the spray paint picture of Guy's head - cool!
Someone turned us on the the fact that there is a "canal walk" in Indianapolis. We went over to check it out but it was 8pm on a Sunday so we didn't get to walk it - or boat it. We will though - super excited about it!!
the water is green!

you can rent the paddle boats....

murals under the bridges

love this one

 They also have multiple person bikes you can rent - you sit in it like a car and peddle - Visit Indy check that  out!! The canal walk is 3 miles long - it bankrupted the city in 1841! Here is the history if you are interested - Indy Canal. Very cool and I can not wait to walk it and boat it!!
That was our weekend. It was my first full one here with Scott and I had a great time!! There are so many neat things here to see!
Hope you have a good week!!

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  1. It sounds like you are having a great time! I love it here in the Pacific NW but your post does make me a bit homesick for that part of the world. If you get down to Louisville there is a cemetery just like the one you described. It is called Cave Hill. Colonel Sanders of KFC is buried there! I think Daniel Boone too, not sure.