Friday, August 2, 2013

Diners - mmmm

Hello -
We've been to several diners lately. I did not post any of the ones Scott went to by himself - grrrr and they wont be added to the "DDD" page on my blog. I will show you pictures of ones I went to without him - but they wont be added to the "DDD" page either!!
I went to the Bagel Deli with my mom. Scott and I had eaten there together several times so it's already on the list. They have a knish that will make you wanna smack yer momma!! I was nice enough to bring home some frozen knishes for Scott when he would be home again - they were wonderful.
I may have mentioned that Ryder wanted to go look at an art school in Santa Fe NM - the weekend before I moved to Indiana - I'm not sayin' nothin' - except grrrrr! We had good weather for the trip.
The road to New Mexico
Our hotel was nice. Here is a side story... when I went to see my family in Grand Junction a few months back my Aunt had Crabtree & Evelyn - Honey and Coriander hand cream which I LOVED. She said she knew a store we could get it. A .9 oz tube was $7 (yikes!!) but someone had tested them all so they gave them to me - BOGO! I got 4 tubes. So Ryder and I get to our hotel and they have this exact brand and scent as the free ones in your room - I have a large ziploc bag full now - WOO HOO
view from our room
The first night we ate a place called Back Road Pizza 

olive, pepperoni with handmade sausage

beet salad with dill vinaigrette - pumpkin seeds and feta mmmmm

The next day we toured the school - Ryder loved it!! They have great equipment, not too many students and are even filming a show there "Longmire" He will be starting in August. He is getting a double major - film and digital arts! 

It rained the rest of the time - torrential downpour to be exact, so there was no letterboxing. Ryder really wanted to go back to the hotel and work on his portfolio anyway. We ate dinner at Zia Diner. It was so expensive - two pops and two burgers $40 - and not great burgers - just average. Scott and I had eaten there before it was on DDD  - key word is BEFORE so it is not on the list. We did not eat what Guy had - probably should have.
panorama - fun!!
yep that is a roasted jalapeno on top
The next morning we ate at Harry's Roadhouse  - Scott and I had eaten there already. Ryder ordered the lemon ricotta pancakes and I got a breakfast burrito - Christmas style (half red chili half green mmmm)

Then we went back to Longmont - whirlwind trip. Yes, I am driving while taking pictures - the boy slept all the way up and all the way back - perfectly boring.

Here are some pictures of our move to Indiana... yes, I am driving and taking pictures. Mo was too freaked out to take pictures - ha ha
Kansas windmills

Indiana is sooo green!!

constant vigilance - day one

 total exhaustion - day two
Since I have been in Indiana we have eaten at The Tamale Place twice - it is FANTASTIC!!! The tamales are huge!! There is a board next to the register where they write down what tamales they have for the day - when you order one they mark it off. Once they are gone - they are gone. The last time we went there they only had 4 kinds left - just squeaked in!! They have wonderful combos - bean and cheese sounds pretty plain but it was amazing!! The salsa is made with roasted veggies - WOW!!! Steak tacos are awesome - served with onions, cilantro and lime. I love this place!!

you want a bite of my tamale? No way!!

They even have dessert tamales - they didn't have any left the first time - second time they only had pineapple raisin which was OK but I really want to try the pumpkin one!!
** A quick note about my birthday... My wonderful husband had a cake delivered to the police department at the start of my shift. This was made by Susan's Bakery

Chocolate cake that has a pecan coconut center with whipped cream and cream cheese frosting

My wonderful mother - despite being sick - was going to surprise me with cake but showed up at the wrong time she thought I worked 6pm-8am but I worked 8pm -6am. So she took me to dinner as well!! So sweet!!
homemade German Chocolate
My son gave me a little cake because he thought I wouldn't get one... and a new glass chicken for my kitchen!!
crazy gift wrapping job

My co-workers got me an ice cream cake for my birthday/last day. EOW means End of Watch a police term for the end of your shift. They also had a potato bar for me that night - delicious!

I feel loved  - I appreciate that my family and friends thought of me!! 
That's it - I know long post but I have been missing for awhile!!
 Hope you all get to eat good food today!!

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  1. I'm reading your post just before I make dinner and it is making me very hungry. Indiana is very green. Has anyone told you about Brown county-beautiful in the fall!! Best of luck to your son!