Thursday, August 1, 2013

a little finish

I ain't lyin' - it's little!!
I finished Honey Bunny by Just Nan. See the little bee charm? Boy are those hard to find!! I got one with the kit but of course I had to make more than one!!I wanted to give one to Sharon and Jessica as a reminder of our fun trip to Wyoming!! I juuust got them done before we left.
one side

the other side - no charm on this side
I also made the Needle Tweets by Just Nan I can't find the pattern on their website - so here is a place to buy them so you can see all three colors. They are sold out of the yellow but they have the other two. I love these!! I used different buttons for the eyes - and since I made more than the kit I used different colors inside - I used felt instead of wool. I also used a different color crystal  - it's also slightly larger.

isn't that cute!!
In the box with my marshmellow soft lips and the buttons and thread for the next three little sheep - but I'm working on something else first The Purple Thread PinWheel  I would never have known about this pattern, but one of my magazines ran a story on her (either Cross Stitch and Needlework or Just Cross Stitch) - featured artist. The pattern is super hard to find unless you know the exact name- but you can use the link. She has a blog but didn't mention her feature or any of her patterns - really only posts sporadically. If a magazine did a feature article on me I would be screaming about it from the rooftops - are you kidding!?!? What an honor!! Anywhooo, I got my kit from The Stitching Shop  I asked Christine about it and she found and ordered it for me. It comes with a penny - guess there is a story about that. Something about if you give someone a pin cushion with a penny in it the sharp things wont sever your friendship - I love those funny stories. 
Pin Wheel kit from the Purple Thread
another small pattern - it's a kit!
I am currently waiting for the second part to the mystery sampler by Little House Needleworks and the Patience sheep - also Little House Needleworks. If you have Facebook - Norden Crafts has a great page - they give away patterns every day. I was irritated with them though, because they revealed the mystery sampler - all three parts. UGH!!I don't even have part two yet and it's no longer a mystery, Plus, I have to say I was so excited about doing this but the whole picture isn't as cute as I thought it would be. Bummer. Guess I will wait until the big reveal to spend so much money next time. (My husband will be happy to see that)
That is all on the crafting front - hope you have a stitchy day!!

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  1. Very cute little items. Sorry to hear about the mystery. I did the Halloween one last year but I was very happy with the results. I think I'll have a look to see what I think of the Christmas one.