Monday, August 12, 2013

another yummy diner!

Happy Monday,
I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Scott and I looked at houses, and then some more houses. It's fun to drive around and see places you could live.
We went to Carmel to eat at a diner we had not been to.
Carmel IN

These are homemade potato chips with bacon, green onion, cheese and BBQ sauce with ranch for dipping - AWESOME!!!
Chicken salad on rye - toasted with a side of Italian pasta

Wildwood cheesesteak - meatballs, red sauce, blue cheese and provolone with a side of red skinned potato salad
Everything we had - Guy had. It was very very good!! My sandwich had pecans, sunflower seeds and peas in it - very tasty!! I would go again. I did not like the Italian pasta or the potato salad but everything else was tha bomb!!

We did attempt some letterboxes - did not find one! They were planted long ago and I believe the scenery has changed. It was a lovely walk though. The humidity was shocking - for me anyway. I will get used to it but yikes!! There were butterflies swirling around us - like a swarm - it was crazy!! We went to a seriously creepy cemetery. It is right next to the airport, I mean RIGHT next to the airport - weird.The cicada were so loud you could not hear anything else.

 I finally bought some bug spray but have not used it yet. This is how last weekend looked...
That is just the side of my leg - both of them looked like that - all the way around!! Nothing on my arms or face just my legs!
 Remember the story about the lotion - Crabtree and Evelyn  - how I got it in Grand Junction and then at the hotel.... well my coworkers got me a fabulous going away present. Actually Chris got it for me - but she said it was from all of them
12 different scents (one is the one I love) each one is unique and lovely!

body butter in my scent, two lip butters - citron and honey, one tube in my scent and some samples 
Isn't that lovely? Chris is a nice gal!! Thanks Chris!!
So, I was stitching away the other day on Simplicity from the sheep virtue patterns. I could not figure out why the grass was not in the right spot - sheesh! Can you spot my error?
yep - it's a three-legged sheep HA!!
I figured it out and fixed the problem - grass was perfect after that!! The cat is starting to come around. He is frantic about me  - sits outside the bathroom when I shower - chases me from room to room. I hope he gets a little better about that soon. I am leaving him home alone for a few days - he may go crazy.
sleeping with his tongue out HA

If I must.
He hates the board sitting on him, but he wants to sit on my lap so he tolerates it. Nobody is forcing him.
Tomorrow I have some salads to share with you. I have been on a salad kick - they can be so tasty!!
Have a good day 

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  1. Welcome to the mid-west, bugs and all. My DH HATED the cicadas!! What a great diner-just looking at your pictures makes me hungry! Thank goodness you did not have to frog!