Tuesday, August 13, 2013

salad days

I almost forgot to do a salad post! I decided to do this post because I think we forget how many great salads there are - that are not fattening. So many times people eat salad and think they are doing good but the fat in dressing is astronomical.  It all started when I went to Grand Junction to visit my Aunt Deb. She made a spinach and strawberry salad. I don't like salad with fruit in it so I only had a little to be polite. Well, whoda thunk it - I do like them, I was probably rude and ate the rest! When Ryder and I went to Santa Fe I had that fantastic beet salad - I emailed them about sharing the recipe. No answer, so I looked online and found a recipe that is perfect - I will share. When we were on our way to Indiana we ordered take out from a chain - I got the Southwest chicken salad. So very good.  So, I have been making a lot of salads. These are not all exact recipes of course. Don't forget - watch your portions or these recipes can get fattening pretty quick!!

Southwest Salad -
 lettuce you like 
roasted chicken 
chipotle ranch (Walmart)
can of black beans
can of corn 
green onion
grated cheese

That's it - quick nutritious salad!.No picture of the salad - didn't think of it until it was too late

Strawberry Spinach
Baby spinach
strawberries - sliced
Girard's champagne dressing
Pumpkin seeds

** Again - watch your serving sizes and all of these can be within calories or points or whatever you are doing to eat right! **
Spinach and Strawberry
Salmon salad
I was getting salmon burgers from a friend who shops at Costco - but I moved away so I'm not sure what I will do when this bag is empty, You have to be careful because they put partially hydrogenated oil in some salmon burgers - grrrrr

One burger per person
lettuce you like
green onion
Thai peanut dressing - not made with peanuts!! Very good!! Oddly not that good with chicken - weird. I have only found it at Target

 and my favorite....

Beet salad
beets - I used fresh - boiled, peeled and diced. I used 6 beets and it made enough for 4 salads!
baby greens
pumpkin seeds
The dressing is this dill vinaigrette which is lovely. You almost didn't get to see a picture of this salad because I went after it like it was made of ham.... haha
If you have not tried the new zucchini recipe from Skinny Taste - you gotta! It is super fantastic awesome good!! Scott grew jalapenos last year - we roasted them and then froze them to use all year. Daaaammn they are spicy - that is what I used instead of pickled jalapeno.  I will be making the baked eggplant Parmesan boats with sausage later this week - I will tell you if they are good. I'm sure they are - she is awesome!
I'm off to make dinner - have a nice evening.


  1. Thanks so much for all those yummy sounding recipes!! I am going to make the dill vinaigrette salad dressing. I love things with dill in them.

  2. I love baby greens, beets, blue cheese crumbles, with/wo chicken. Mandarin oranges with smoked turkey breast and romaine, cream dressing made with orange juice. Pears, walnuts, blue cheese on baby greens. Someone stop me!!!!