Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend stuff

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I did! We went looking at houses. I get irritated with this process. I love one house but it needs too much work - way too much. I love another house but the kitchen is awful. This house is right next to another house. This house is weird. This house doesn't have enough rooms....This house.... I thought the things I wanted were pretty common - nope. We do not want a pool - may end up with one anyway because they are so common - and cheap. Who knew? So, we keep looking.
We went to the Indianapolis library - WOW!!  What a lovely place that is!!
from the front steps of the library

even the ceilings are pretty

first set of rooms

middle part

kids section has these in the ground with information in them

on the shelves are light up symbols
Next we went to the Indiana Museum of Art  It sits next to the Eli Lilly house - he was the guy who started Lilly Pharmaceutical. He donated the house and land to the city for art. We got there late so we didn't get to spend much time. We will be going back!! I love African art - they have an amazing display. I tell Scott it's because I am shaped like a lot of the figures they's true.
I told Scott I look like this in the  morning - he says my hair is more messed up HA!

mask with 13 people on it - wow!!

on the grounds of the museum

my love

see the hummingbird blur?

one on the feeder with its back to us

see it coming in from the left?
We walked through the museum and then on part of the grounds - place is huge. You can read more about the history on the link above.
I have to figure out how to make this bracelet they are selling in the gift shop - fun!

On Sunday we went to Lafayette IN - an hour or so away - to go to a diner! The Triple XXX

cramped - we all sat next to each other!

Boilermaker Pete. Plus our first ever photo bomb - the guy Scott sat next to! HA!

Bernie Flowers All Pro with onion rings
The root beer is really good - I had a frost with is blended with ice cream. Delicious!! The had this jalapeno ketchup that was wonderful - I will be buying it!!
We went to a few cemeteries -
bridge at Spring Vale
weirdest tombstone - ever

Indiana State Soldiers Home

lead singer  from Blind Melon

perfect nest!
I did end up making the baked eggplant Parmesan boats with sausage   Mine were not pretty.

She used white eggplant but I could not find any. It was just ok. This is weird but I don't like eggplant but eggplant parm is one of my favorite dishes - the healthy version or the unhealthy version. I have a great healthy recipe for it. No big deal - out of the Skinny Taste recipes I maybe don't like one in 30 so the odds are great! I love that site!! Right now she has a salad posted - grilled stone fruit salad with honey goat cheese dressing - sounds like something I might like!!
We have been letterboxing quite a bit. I don't like boxing here - most of the boxes are wet and buggy or missing. I hope some of the ones downtown Indy are better - I will keep trying!! Speaking of letterboxing - 10 days until our letterboxing trip to Massachusetts for the BIG event!! Over 180 people staying at a huge camp for three days. I am looking forward to night boxing!!! We will be staying in Canada at Niagara the first night! It will be our first box from another country and the first time we use our passports (we were in Canada before you needed a passport to drive to and from Alaska and before we knew about boxing!!) SOOO EXCITED!!!!!
Hope you all have a lovely day!! 


  1. Your are really making the most of seeing your new home area. I wish you better luck with the house hunting. It can be such a pain, I have done it several times!

  2. Pretty much read your blog all the way back to Scott taking a new job. Love your posts! Can't wait to see what you do next in your new wishes on your house hunt. Not a pleasant task UNTIL you find the ONE!